You'll Never Know Where Your Next Story Idea Will Come From

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I want to thank my 9 followers for being here.  However, given how hectic somedays have become for me I can’t see myself maintaining this blog for so few followers after almost a year and with even less participation with the entries I’ve made.  This blog will remain up for the next few weeks until it will be permanently deleted.

So i’d like to invite my 9 followers to follow me on one of my other blogs:  or or [my website/blog]

Hope to see everyone there.

Robin Leigh Morgan

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This past week had been a GREAT week for me. I finally made the decision to convert my first YA Paranormal/Time Travel/First Kiss romance novel, “I Kissed a Ghost”, into a Kindle ® version which should become available about April 24th.

I written a few flash fictions this week which really got the creative juices I’ve got in those little grey cells of my head flowing, which finally got me to do another ten pages of re-read and editing for my yet still untitled adult contemporary romance with a paranormal element running through the storyline.  These ten pages brings my total completed rewrite pages to 82%, with one additional page and about 350 additional words; at the same time I can sense how much more centered I am as I write. This can only improve as I find more flash fiction prompts I can respond to.

On I received the following comment for one of the threads I’d started,

"April 19th is National #FlashFiction Day - on which the Flash Flood Journal will be posting Flash Fiction all day long. Including one of my pieces! Yay! #amwriting

 You can submit your own short fiction (up to 500 words) before midnight on April 17!

I’ve submitted three of my most recent endeavors from my blogs. They consist of two Five Sentence Fiction and one 33 Word Fiction.

So if you have a chance, I’d to hear your comments on any of us recent Flash Fiction endeavors.


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The Trifextra: Week Sixty-Three [ ]

This weekend they’d asked for exactly 33 of your own words inspired by the following quote from the book you could win in the WBN giveaway. Good luck!

“It’s the possibility of having a dream come true that makes life interesting.” ― Paulo Coelho, Alchemist

I can’t believe the timing of this prompt, especially when it coincides with my having made the decision to convert my first YA Paranormal/Time Travel/First Kiss romance “I Kissed a Ghost” into a Kindle.


I’d done this for what seemed an eternity.






An vicious endless cycle.

But, with these words, my dream of becoming a real published author will finally be fulfilled.

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Another Thursday has come and gone, and yesterday as usual Lillie McFerrin [ ] has given another prompt word for which we’re required, if we so choose, to endeavor to write a Five Sentence Fiction; and for this week the prompt word is: “EDGE.”

After giving this prompt some thought I wrote a Five Sentence Fiction entitled “An Eternity Together” using the meaning of “BRINK” for the prompt.

Would love to hear your comments.


E dgar has always been a daredevil.

D oreen has always been an extreme cautious individual.

G eographical opposites, yet they have always seem to have made for each other in more ways than anyone could have ever imagined.

E ternity must have always planned that they’ll always be together especially after almost 75 years of being happily married to each other, albeit with lots of suffering and caring for the past three months.

When the time came for one of them to come to the EDGE of dying, the other felt the same thing; for that night they went to sleep holding their hands, ever more to see the dawn of the next day.

If you noticed, once again I’ve added the element of using an acrostic in my endeavor.

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By now you probably can tell by my recent posts I haven’t done much, if any, writing on my second romance novel. Instead I’ve been busy writing Flash Fictions, and networking to get interrviews, spotlights for my YA romance nover, I Kissed a Ghost.

As of today, I’ve had 8 interviews posted, 2 SpotLights for my book posted, as well as 2 guest blog posts. In additional I’ve completed 8 interview questionaires, and I’m merely for the date when they’ll be posted. A complete listing for these can be found on my website at

Lastly, the Kindle version of I Kissed a Ghost, will become available around April 24th.

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This week this site has us to write 33 words on the subject of ADVICE regardless of what kind of ADVICE it would be. For this challenge I chose to write the following general ADVICE, and to do so in the form of an acrostic

A lways go to a

D efinite expert when seeking

V ery important advice regardless of the subject matter.

I gnorance is not always bliss because it

C an lead to

E xtremely disastrous consequences you’d rather not face.

Would love to hear your comments.

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Lillie McFerrin gave us WORDS as the prompt for this week’s Five Sentence Fiction
[ ]

And once again for this week’s endeavor, since the prompt once again had 5 LETTERS, I decided to start each sentence with one of the letters in the word. As a result the prompt appears not only in my endeavor; it also appears looking down the sentences


W hen I was young and began to go to school, strange events occurred when I told my mother.    O f course she always had the proper WORDS to use to try to comfort me about each one.   R egretfully I can’t return to those days of my youth where all was well in my world; because a tragic event came into my life last week.   D eath, the tragic event which always destroy anything good, came last week and took her away.   S adness did creep into my life knowing she’ll never be around for us to talk to each other any more like we did in those wonderful days of my youth, but the memories of these same days and her WORDS will live in my mind and heart forever.
NOTE: Apparently, I didn’t when I wrote these five sentences, based on the few responses I’ve already received, I didn’t realized how powerful the words might prove to be. Rest assured this is fiction. My mother had died over 19 years ago, but her memory is still with me, in my heart and in my mind; just as all of your loved ones who have passed away are with you.

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This weekend at the Trifecta Writing Challenge they’re asking for exactly 33 words including an idiom somewhere within. Examples of idioms include - add fuel to the fire or wear your heart on your sleeve.

Here is my endeavor in response to this week’s challenge:

Joe and Charlotte had a wonderful yet usual relationship in which they loved each other more after a huge argument where each one kept on adding fuel to the fire of their disagreement.

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Here is my endeavor for this week’s prompt from Lillie McFerrin [] of FLAME


F rom the moment I first the light in her face I knew there was something special about her, something no one else ever saw.

L ove came easy, as it had been like Kismet had brought us together.

A nd yet, all the time I sensed there had been a hidden secret she held from me, because why has she returned her love to me when no one else ever had.

M aybe, I ever received any love in return because most people saw the beast I looked like, and not the person I am inside.

E nduring the pain of no love has finally ended before the FLAME on the candle of my life has burned itself out.

NOTE: Not only have I used the prompt in these five sentences has required, the first letter of each sentence also forms the word

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Just found another creative writing site, MagPie Tales [ ]

The instructions are simple: Write a poem or short vignette using the picture featured in this post as your inspiration. [I can’t seem to be able to copy the picture over to here.]

After thinking about it for a while, I decided to write a series of four HAIKU


It’ll be just lovely

To look at me from behind

As others usually do


Please, is my hair combed

Without single strand astray

Perfect, glad at last


Are my clothes wrinked

Because I’ve got no iron

For them to be gone.


Perfection at last

I now can venture outside

To imperfect world

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